5 lbs Wildtrax Feline Supplement


5 pound zip foil pouch
Powdered Vitamin and Mineral Feline supplement for raw meat diets

WildTrax Feline Supplement® is fortified with selected vitamins and minerals in a powder form designed to replicate a whole prey diet for Felines. Wildtrax provides optimum nutrition and health for all type felines including wild cat species, wild-domestic hybrid cat breeds, and any domestic cat breed on a raw meat & bone diet.

Wildtrax is designed to help make raw meat diets simple and hassle free, no more complicated confusing recipes with too many ingredients! Simply add Wildtrax Feline Supplement to raw muscle meat and bone for a complete diet. (If bone is not included in the diet, you can add a calcium supplement.)

For more detailed information on how to use, dosage, nutritional content, ingredients, etc., go to the FAQ page and the Nutritional Info & Dosage page.

Made in the USA, packaged in safe food grade containers with no BPAs
13.5" x 9" x 4.75"