Wildtrax Benefits

Wild Trax Feline Supplement is a powdered vitamin and mineral supplement designed to enhance raw meat diets, so that it best replicates the nutrition of a whole prey diet, that cats would normally eat in the wild.

Wildtrax Supply has been offering this supplement since 2002, providing the best in feline nutrition for raw meat diets. Our clients from all over the world include zoos, sancutuaries, wildlife rehabilitation facilities, breeders, and pet owners. Since Wildtrax Feline Supplement is dosed according to the cat's weight it is easily used for all size wild cat species from the biggest cats such as Tigers and Lions down to medium sized species such as Caracals, Servals, Bobcats, and Lynx, and even continuing down to the smallest wild cats such as Geoffroys Cats and Guinas (Kodkod). Not only that, but domestic cat breeds and hybrid cat breeds such as Savannahs and Bengals do great on a Wildtrax supplemented raw meat diet as well!  Our customers tell us their cats have more energy, better muscle tone, improved coat condition, improved general health, and bigger litter sizes while using Wild Trax Feline Supplement!

WildTrax Feline Supplement Benefits:

  • Brewers Yeast - Wild Trax is made in a base of Brewers Yeast which contains high levels of many important nutrients, including all of the B vitamins (except for B12), 16 out of 20 amino acids, and 14 different minerals. The amino acids (proteins) in Brewers Yeast help the body repair tissue and fight disease. Minerals present in Brewers Yeast, including zinc, and high quality proteins assist in the control of shedding and promote a healthy skin and hair coat in animals.
  • Higher Amounts of Taurine - compared to standard feline vitamins. Taurine is essential in the diet of cats and its deficiency results in a wide range of clinical signs including fetal abnormalities, delayed growth and development, central retinal degeneration and dilated cardiomyopathy.
  • L-Lysine - an essential amino acid that is the building block of other nutrients. Lysine helps the body absorb other nutrients better which helps boost the feline immune system. It also has anti-inflammatory and skin health benefits.
  • Contains DL-Methionine - promotes urinary tract health and helps lowers urine odors.
  • Additional B Vitamins - including B12. B vitamins aid in proper metabolism and increases energy levels. They also support the nervous system and help maintain the muscles used for digestion.
  • Lecithin & Biotin - For healthy skin and shiny coat.
  • Palatable - Our customers tell us their cats LOVE the taste of Wild Trax! The powdered consistency of Wild Trax also sticks well to meat.

For dosage instructions and ingredients, please see the Nutritional Info & Dosage page.


All ingredients are sourced from within the USA. It is formulated, mixed, and packed in the USA. Our formulators do regular testing on ingredients to ensure the best quality control of this product. It is packaged in safe food grade containers that are BPA free.

This powdered supplement has a shelf life of 1 year at room temperature from date of purchase, as long as it stays dry. It should be stored in an air tight container to keep moisture out. It can be refrigerated or frozen.

An Individual animal’s daily nutritional needs may vary and should be fed accordingly. Variations in an individual animal’s daily requirements may include pregnancy, lactation, breeding, illness, rapid growth, or old age. This is a nutritional supplement to be used in addition to an appropriate daily feeding program. The overall good health and condition of animals depends on good animal husbandry practices and many other factors than this product alone. For oral use in felidea only. Not for human use. Keep out of reach of children. Store in cool and dry place. Protect from direct sunlight. Freezing unused portions preserves vitamin potency and freshness longer.