About Us

Wild Trax Supply is a small family owned business, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Since the mid 1990's, we have worked with all sizes of wild felines from Tigers to Geoffroys cats in various capacities. Our hands on experience over these many years has included running a rescue/sanctuary for medium to small wild feline species, conducting wild feline breeding programs, providing wild feline species and conservation outreach education programs, teaching wild feline husbandry courses, and running a native wildlife mammal rehabilitation center. We have also done project work in wild feline conservation programs in South America.  Our wildlife work has enabled us to work with animal nutritionists over the years on various wildife nutritional needs. We enlisted an animal nutritionist that specializes in felines to develop our Wildrax Feline Supplement to make raw meat diets for cats much simpler. We continue to house and care for various small wild feline species and we also currently raise domestic Bengal cats and Egyptian Maus, see our website at wildaboutbengals.com. We have also raised Savannah cats in the past and are very familiar with this breed as well.